How to change headlight in Hyundai Santa Fe 2013

Okay when I say how to replace the 2013 hyundai santa fe headlights. Hyundai’s Santa Fe So basically you pop the hood that is. And then you go and to the back of the headlines you know see a plastic not here. Some even for Exxon tap there for whatever reason. And as another class another plastic not here. And basically like they’re just plastic caps that uses terms. So basically I’m going to. This graph that. Like the lady who over here. Is basically gonna gather not here and I’m just going to turn it.

2013 hyundai santa fe headlightsTowards me. And I just pulled out. And then the headlight is actually in there. So basically. You put your finger on here. And you’re gonna grab it and turn it. So you. You can hear. So with regret this per. With my finger index finger and thumb and I’m gonna turn it. They turn it towards me. And nbspartist up so there’s no wired no clip.

To the acts of the late Bob itself. Duh to metal prongs there. This actually slide into a socket. Inside the housing of the lamp and then it. Gives a power. And the bald is that 2013 hyundai santa fe headlights H11 I had to buy the ball up at advanced auto parts 2013 hyundai santa fe headlights. I was around $22. The face graphic product packaging.

That’s. Glass on the vault. And Hll take the headlight Hll slip back into the hall with the prawns the prawns in B. toward me. And I want to put a hand gently just Cano wiggling in their. Then. It should Canada sit flush Amerikanische ear but. Circular fixture. Basically it’s it’s advice and therein now I have to turn it.

I want to take a. The metal prongs there and they’re gonna go. Upwards. So they’re gonna go in that direction. I’ve. Minutes it is take the classic cat and they put it back down. I. Can the pilot burst. Though it’s there it’s kind it sets in their flags and then you can just. Turn it. I have to turn a recorder turned into this type. Make sure it doesn’t pop out. And that’s the.