Dodge Ram 2017 Ram Rebel Review

Rebel ram dodgeRebel first launched in 2015. And it’s a a very purpose built off road truck great looking Dodge Ram, grilled very distinguished with that steel bumpers. If you look at today’s rubble it’s got great silver accents on the wheels on the brush guard and on the interior it’s got a lot of fun to read accents with red seating so we want to do is really change the look and make it even more aggressive out for under Dodge Ram 2017 that’s why we came up with the the rebel blackened.

So you’ll see it’s gotta know black brush guard black wheels are you know of course adorning that the silver umpiring him in the middle of the black grille great luck fits very recognizable to something different on the inside on all black interior with black accents and so the red. Everyone ram rebel comes at some serious off road hardware. 33 inch off road tire tires Bilstein shocks.

Air suspension for a whole extra one inch of our ground clearance. Skid plates tow hooks steel bumpers I it’s got everything that it needs to take this Dodge Ram offer. Additional information see at headlights Ram The Rebel black will be priced at just over $45000 available next month now courses available in the future black but it will also be available and all the other colors with a black eye.

SKODA was called the most reliable car brand in Great Britain

SKODAAccording to the results of the recent studies on the dependability of car manufacturers Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), the absolute leaders in the segment of German mid-size and compact cars became SKODA Superb and SKODA Fabia.

In 2016, more than 15 thousand respondent drivers took part in the study on car reliability. The research included five categories of vehicles. ŠKODA became the only brand that received two awards in the rating of dependability of car manufacturers in 2016. The flagship of SKODA Superb won in the category of mid-size cars. The respondent appreciated a amount of space in the car: capacious saloon and record trunk in its class, as well as Toyota RAV4 led headlights. The latest systems of intelligent helpers implemented in Superb, such as adaptive cruise control, traffic lane assistant Lane Assist and the system of traffic jam assistance Traffic Jam Assist also received high ratings. In its turn, SKODA Fabia topped the list of winners in the category of compact cars for the second year in a row.

What causes failure of shock absorbers.

shock absorbersRoad safety is composed of many factors, including the experience of the driver, road surface quality and serviceability of the vehicle. The company Mando produced shock test, which has already served his sentence and published their results.

To understand how the defective shock absorber may affect safety should understand the principle of the shock absorber operation. It consists of a reciprocating piston movement, damper piston through a small opening bypass oil from one chamber to another, converting mechanical energy into heat. In other words, the shock absorbers damp vertical vibrations.

Imagine that a shock absorber in the suspension is not in use, than driving on rough road, wheel will bounce and curled spring will return him to the ground, which after impact will bounce back because there is nothing to calm the vibrations. Thus, after overcoming the pits wheel will be jump in a long time and throughout this period, traction with road will be minimal.