Peugeot 206 – the king of the urban “jungle”.

Peugeot 206Peugeot 206 model was produced in several body styles: three-door and five-door hatchback, sedan, wagon, coupe-cabriolet. And almost all the modifications of this popular model were produced in the native country in France.
The body of the car, thanks to the good quality of the galvanizing, correctly and keeps for a long time a presentable appearance – even very old Peugeot 206 look quite respectable. НNo wonder the 206- model has won four stars according to EuroNCAP.

As for the “stuffing”, that are equipped with these cars as gasoline and diesel engines of different volumes. Gasoline win in terms of reliability (after all Peugeot diesel – it is not BMW, it is not up to German quality), but in all petrol models, there is one major drawback, which need to know about the future owners. It concerns cooling fan, the problem is that at sufficiently frequent use car fan can quickly fail. This is, because of the location- it is exposed to road dust and dirt. However, this problem is solved quite easily – a regular cleaning.

Purchase of a used car.

Purchase of a used carSuppose the new car is not possible, but life is not sweet without a personal vehicle. We’ll have to bite the bullet and buy a car in ages. Of course, you would like to find “the only” on an “as new”, but you must understand that it is unlikely (although many people firmly believe that the old car is the same as new, only cheaper). In fact, unless the cars up to three-five years old may please the future owner by absolutely ideal state of the new car with an easy run. And to find such instance, you should try. As practice shows, really worthy options aren’t sold young, the market is full of frank illiquid. We’ll have to look for something less than perfect, which means that the car will have some challenges that need to come to terms with the purchase. And as older and cheaper it is, so worse will be the state of the car.

Purchase task in this case is that if it is impossible to find a perfect copy, it is necessary to find one that can be successfully repaired and operate on.